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Protagonist Podcasts

Apr 29, 2020

Dan and Josh discuss where the grassroots leagues are in dealing with the pandemic. Who's opening, who's closing and which move is the right move? The guys break it down and then give away some soccer gear.

Apr 29, 2020

Dennis Pope, communications director for the UPSL, joins Dan to discuss the league's plans during the pandemic, share his thoughts about promotion/relegation, and explain the line he walks between press and PR. 

Apr 27, 2020

The boys review the documentary "Once in a Lifetime" - the story of the New York Cosmos. What killed the NASL, what magazine did the GK pose for, and Josh's continued obsession with pie are all discussed for your pleasure. 

Here's a link to the movie on YouTube

Apr 24, 2020

Dan and Josh are joined by Tom and Craig of Wise Men Say podcast, a Sunderland AFC specific show. They discuss the ins and outs of following a relegated club, their favorite (and least favorite) players all-time, and, of course, that pesky Netflix documentary, Sunderland Til I Die. 

Apr 21, 2020

Mary Sier comes on the show to discuss her new documentary on the Northern Guard. She discusses the history of the SG, the special relationship with DCFC, and the struggles of making a documentary during the pandemic.