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Protagonist Podcasts

Aug 27, 2021

The Knights are joined by NISA graphics man Jon Hevron to discuss social media management, storytelling, and blazing the trail of a brand new league.

Aug 24, 2021

The Knights circle the table to discuss all things Week 3. Who won, who lost, and where the heck did this NAFC team come from? It's all here!

Aug 19, 2021

The Knights review all the week 2 action and then dip into every bit of rumor and news they could find. It's an amazing show you're bound to enjoy!

Aug 12, 2021

The Knights look back at NISA Week 1. Who would have guess a Stars match would yield 7 goals? Or that Chicago House would score first against DCFC? Or that 04 would score 3? It was a wild week 1, we've got the details. 

Aug 11, 2021

Co-owner of the 2021 NPSL Champions, Denton Diablos, Damon Gochneaur joins Dan and Ryan to talk all things championship.